About my Scottish granny

I want to share with you what my Granny, and many other wise women from Scotland, taught me over the years.  It might be recipes, crafts skills, household tips or just some wise words.

I was very lucky to have all my grandparents involved in my life.  I was especially close to my granny who lived on the island of Islay.  When I was still quite young – I hadn’t even started school – my mother spent some time in hospital.  I went to stay with Granny and she set about teaching me the skills her mother had passed on to her.

My Granny brought up four children.  She kept the house and helped my grandpa on the croft. She had a wealth of practical skills.  Most importantly however was the fact that granny had time for me.  She had time to answered my endless questions in fact she encouraged them.  When she sat down to show me how to do something she had the patience to keep showing me until I could do it myself.  She showed me how to do it until I could do it well.  Granny was not one to accept mediocre you were expected to get it right.  “If a thing’s worth doing it’s worth doing well” she would say.

During the rest of my childhood I spend almost all my school holidays at Granny’s.  The education didn’t stop however as she always had something to teach me.

I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have benefited from spending time with my granny.  These days so many families are always busy and there is less time to pass on skills first hand.  This site is my attempt to ensure everyone can benefit from having a Scottish Granny like mine.